Official Charter & Mission Statement
(subject to change without notice)

Focus: Everything Corvette (as opposed to BBQ's, Bunko Nights, Golf, Caroling, etc.)

Mantra: "How is this related to Corvettes?" - OR -  "If it ain't Corvette, we don't do it."  Well, sometimes we do beer or ice cream.

Membership: This club is open to anyone who owns a Corvette, wants to own a Corvette, used to own a Corvette, knows someone who owns a Corvette or who has an interest in Corvettes.  Corvette ownership is *NOT* mandatory.  All that is necessary is to fill out the membership form either on-line or the old fashioned way, and e-Mail/Snail mail/FAX to Glen or Frank (probably Frank since he runs the web page).

Dues:   Nope - everyone pays for their own stuff.  If we decide as a group to get/buy something, then we'll pass the hat.  This is a "no host" Corvette club.

Rules:  We have one rule (subject to change, subject to interpretation) - if you want the club to do something (road trip, parade, cruise in, dyno day, dyno night, go to the races, wild hare ride, etc.), then you have to instigate (normally one would say "organize" here, but since we have little or no organization to speak of, we prefer "instigate") it.  So, if you bring it up, be prepared to be the Event President; Event Coordinator; Event Poobah.  As such, you can recruit all the helpers you want.  If you want something done or an event instigated, just do it.  No whining.  The only rule (well, not technically a rule since we only have one rule and this ain't it) is that all events must start at Starbucks on 185th.  Refer to Bylaws for further reading.

Officers:  Don't think we have any.  Pretty certain we don't want any.  Glen and his yellow stickies sorta run the meetings.  Frank is the webmaster. Jeff B. claims to be "director" but nobody pays any attention to him.

Notes: (a) This is not a democracy; (b) members are required to know and understand the difference between a "voice" and a "vote".

Events we might focus on (subject to change and if we feel like it):
Restoration Workshops 
  • Interior 
  • Body/paint 
  • Exhaust 
  • Suspension
Modification  Workshops
  • Aftermarket exhaust systems 
  • Suspension 
  • Engine modifications 
  • Wheels & tires 
  • Reprogramming
  • Road Courses 
  • Autocross 
  • Drags 
Piggyback/Crash other clubs' events (this is our specialty)
  • RCC - Miss Oregon 
  • RCC - Corvette Classic 
  • NWACC 
  • NCRS meetings 
  • Etc.
  • CB installations 
  • Scanners 
  • Radar detection
  • Dyno Days
  • etc. 
Road Trips 
  • Scheduled rides
  • Wild Haretm rides 
    • Hillsboro to Newberg
    • Sauvie Island
    • etc.
National Corvette Museum 
(Bowling Green, KY) 
  • Encourage Membership 
  • NCM Labor Day Events
  • NCMNet 
  • eMail list 
  • List server 
  • Web Site
  • C5 Registry
  • VetteNet